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8 types of car theft and how to prevent them

The 8 most used by robbers explaining also the methods that allow the prevention.

types of car theft
types of car theft

There are different types of car theft, we bring you the 8 most used by robbers explaining also the methods that allow the prevention. This way you will know how to keep your car safe from unpleasant situations caused by criminals.

8. Theft “Hanoi Style”

Theft Hanoi Style

It’s a very popular type of theft lately, it gets this name thanks to the police who nicknamed the operation with the code name “Hanoi”. It consists in entering the home of the unfortunate man using force and once inside steal the keys of the car.

To prevent this, make sure you adequately protect your door and leave your keys in a safe place such as a closet with a padlock.

7. Turbo Decoder

Theft Hanoi Style

Thieves use the Turbo Decoder to open doors that are closed manually. This skeleton-like tool reproduces, taking advantage of the alignment of the key in the input area of the original, the movement of the original key making the door open.

A good way to protect yourself is to have multi-layer safety systems in combination with immobilizers equipped with vehicle tracking systems.

6. Relay Attack

Relay Attack

It’s one of the most used types of car theft in the latest generation of cars, because they use keyless technology. Two thieves park near the home of the vehicle owner and take advantage of two relays, one transmitting the signal and the other amplifying it. This makes the car believe to have the key nearby, allowing you to open the doors and even put it in motion.

The best method to prevent this type of attacks is to block the signal emitted by the key, some keys have incorporated a function of “falling asleep” that inhibits its use.

5. Transponder clones the key

Transponder clones the key

Victims are attracted when they find themselves in normal situations such as car washing, by strangers who borrow the key. A clone key captures the unique key code and reproduces it to a blank key. The real key is then returned to the unsuspecting owner and the car stolen later.

Make sure you know who you interface with inside the car washes and public garages before providing them with the keys and since many will intervene later, the right precautions may be devices that lock the steering and gear lever.

4. OBD compromise

OBD compromise

After having had access to the car thanks to systems such as the Turbo Decoder the attackers insert in the diagnostic port of the car the device to acquire the data of the car including the key code that will be cloned through the transponder method.

Prevention can be guaranteed thanks to multi-layer anti-theft devices, locking of steering and parking brake and is further protected if you use tracking systems via GPS.

3. ECU replacement

ECU replacement car theft

One of the most complex types of car theft is the replacement of the switchboard of the car to be stolen. In fact it is used to steal vans that are parked in large garages at night. They use a virgin ECU and after entering the car they replace it.

Since it is a multitude of vehicles it is good to have a safety system for the entire structure and to observe with frequency whether the cameras installed inside work properly.

2. Key code acquisition

Key code acquisition

Criminals usually park in supermarkets and as soon as a person closes the car with an electronic burglar alarm they capture the key code and carry it to an empty key.

Physical devices such as steering locks are helpful, although it is always best to make sure the car is closed properly before leaving it unattended and at the same time analyze the surrounding area.

1. GPS signal bypass

GPS signal bypass

Many people use the GPS signal to verify the positioning of their car, criminals are able to circumvent the tracking system thanks to special tools. It becomes invisible to the owner so he can steal the car.

Vehicles that are equipped with these devices use another technology, called VHF that cannot be manipulated by criminals.

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