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The most stolen cars in the UK: here’s the chart

Figures show one car every nine minutes is being stolen in the UK every year. Here is the list of the 'most wanted' by thieves.

stolen cars UK
The most stolen cars in the UK

The Driving and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) has confirmed the figures: in 2019 more than 52,000 cars were stolen in the UK, which means about one vehicle is stolen every nine minutes. Believe it or not, there is a list of the 10 most stolen cars in the UK and it includes both luxury models and some of the UK’s best sellers that happen to be very common in our garages. Here’s the list:

10th – Audi A3

audi a3q

One of the most commonly liked car, desired by youngsters and very popular among British car-owners. It seems that 456 Audi A3 were stolen in a year.

9th- BMW 5 Series

bmw serie 5

506 BMW 5 Series were stolen and it is easy to understand why it attracts so much attention. This is only the first of two BMWs in the list.

8th- Mercedes E-Class

mercedes e-class

A great mix of elegance and comfort. The number of Mercedes E-Class stolen in 2019 is 612.

7th – Land Rover Discovery

land rover

A total of 791 Discovery were stolen. Indeed it is one of the most desired SUV, massive seven-seater normally equipped with an incredibly sophisticated engine immobilizer system.

6th- Vauxhall Astra

vauxhall astra

One of UK’s biggest sellers, the Astra remains one of the most common choices among Britain’s car owners and for this reason, thieves have probably so many to target. About 836 Astra were stolen in a year.

5th- BMW 3 Series

bmw 3 series

Here is the second BMW of the list, a prestige model, famous to be strong and fun as well as –obviously- elegant. 1042 were stolen.

4th- Ford Focus

ford focus

Coming closer to the podium is the Ford Focus, the third best-selling car in the UK in 2019. It might not be the most elegant car on our roads, but it definitely is comfort and fun to drive. 1200 were stolen in a year.

3rd- Volkswagen Golf

volkswagen golf

A great mix of comfort and strength, the Volkswagen Golf ended up one place ahead of the Focus in the sales chart in 2019. 1331 were stolen.

2nd- Range Rover

range rover

Luxury, comfort and strength, whether you are family or a young professional, this iconic SUV is one of the most desirable, unfortunately, it seems to be particularly wanted by thieves.

1st-Ford Fiesta

ford fiesta

Here’s the first place: the Ford Fiesta is definitely the most stolen car in the UK. It might be because it is easy to drive, or its smart design, or maybe because it is the UK’s best-selling car and so it has been for years.

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