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Interview with infamous thief Leonardo Notarbartolo of the Antwerp Diamond Center robbery

Infamous Italian thief, Leonardo Notarbartolo, is to speak to Wired Italia for the first time since his arrest.
In shades of great swindles of the past, Notarbartolo is suspected to be one of those behind one of the most sensational thefts in the last 50 years at the Antwerp Diamond Center.

After a robbery which resulted in the theft of more than 150 million euros in diamonds, along with their certificates of authenticity, Notarbartolo was arreasted as the leader of a group of thieves, who had managed to penetrate the safes below the World Diamond Centre, which were considered impenetrable.
Described as a “piece of genius in its simplicity”, it is still unclear exactly how the thieves managed to perform the operation to its stunning completion.
We’ll give you news from the Notarbartolo interview, but for now it appears this Italian job hasn’t lost its fascination.

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