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Premier League restarts as “real” as possibile without crowds

The first football league resume without supporters at the stadiums: players and teams have to adapt to this strange situation with no guidelines.

premier league
premier league restarts

The Premier League restarts but football matches are going to be disputed obviously at closed doors with no crowds due to Covid rules. Hugo Lloris and other players recognized that coming back to football is “very strange” due to the absence of supporters.

Premier League restarts with no crowds

Broadcaster companies, like Sky Sport have concentrated effort on developing new concept of crowd noise, to fell like is is real. As we know, Football exists because there are people who go to the stadium and also see matches on television. The spectators are a fundamental part in experience of the game. Clearly, they have an impact on the players, influencing the outcomes of the match.

“The crowd has an importance. The crowd takes part in the game. It helps you make the extra effort. It’s like an extra boost in some moments. It’s a new experience for all of us, and something we need to adapt to”, said Lloris.

This stop was unprecedented. There are no rules in the modern era that the federation must follow to drive through these times. The method is surf on sight and try to avoid infenctions among players and staff.

In this context, Liverpool deserved the title despite of the possible of end championship, having kept the top of the charts until Christmas. In fact Jurgen Kloop‘s team may win the league in late June or ealy July.

jurgen klopp

Unexpected results despite the stop of the league

The result of the strange season are that managers who doesn’t have reach the objectives may perceive it as a gap year. While players had enough time to recover and get fit even if for weeks they had to stay at home.

Loris explained: “This period has given the time to all teams to recover the players who were injured. It gives time to reach a good level of fitness and to be ready for competition. Even four weeks without training will not help but it’s not been the case here.”

Despite limitations, football continue to let out istintic of battle. Competition reaches the top position on player’s mind as they often admitted “you forget the crowd are there”. The concentration makes you forget the absence of supporters.

But matches have to fit to this situation as seen in Borussia Dortmund – Bayern Munich. In fact the intensity was very high, unlike people may suppose, demonstrating the spirit of adaption of the game of football.

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