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Lift off: CR&S Duu concept live at EICMA

8 April, 2020
The big Italian cruiser DUU from CR&S is like having a spacemobile live on the floor at EICMA. The twin-cylinder concept is more like an artwork than a motorcycle, which is just how it’s been designed. We’ll bring you more…

Special bikes: DUU Supercustom by CR&S Lavoreri

4 April, 2020
Milan-based CR&S provided us with a few photos of some of their best creations of the year, designed by their extreme customization department. Basically, this Italian company can give everyone the chance to ride his own ‘bike of dreams’, which…

New Italian superbike cruiser: the CR&S; DUU Concept

1 April, 2020
Milanese firm CR&S presented its first bike Vun at last year’s EICMA show, and they’re gearing up for the 2009 EICMA with this second creation, the DUU. The model continues the Cafe Racers & Superbikes quirky styling, with a two-cylinder,…