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Rugby World Cup 2023 draw announced

14 December, 2020
The pool stages of the 2023 Rugby World Cup in France have been drawn today with many familiar fixtures set to take place in three years.

How to throw a sinker?

22 May, 2020
A Portland University baseball pitcher throws sidearm. Source http © WikiMedia (Wikimedia) How to grip and throw the ball The sinker is a fairly easy pitch to learn and due to the fact that there is little to no twisting…

Where to buy unisex Nike running shorts

22 May, 2020
© (Flickr) Where to buy unisex Nike running shorts © (Flickr) Ladies Running Shorts Now Available If you've been searching high and low for new ladies running shorts or unisex Nike running shorts, look no further. Log on to EBay.com…

Five great treadmill workouts

22 May, 2020
1. 1. The incline © Ed Yourdon (Flickr) Yes: it says "Run!" What did you think we were doing out here? © Ed Yourdon (Flickr) Hill runningTest your calf muscles and your endurance by taking on the uphill challenge. Hill…

Benefits of the heavy bag in boxing

22 May, 2020
© gitsul. (Flickr) 71/365 - take that strained calf muscle... © gitsul. (Flickr) Individuals looking for effective equipment to exercise in the sports world are often frustrated. After all, treadmills and home gyms can be quite expensive, take up room,…

Where to get weight training gloves

22 May, 2020
© (Flickr) Where to get weight training gloves © (Flickr) Fitness Gloves For Sale There are several options for you if you would like to find fitness gloves to buy online. You could start by visiting Amazon.com, where you'll find…

Where to buy table tennis bats at the lowest price in the UK

22 May, 2020
© apermanentwreck (Flickr) Demand Media 1st Annual Table Tennis Tournament 04 © apermanentwreck (Flickr) Willingness of the buyer It is important to know the extent to which someone will go to get his or her hands on cheaper table tennis…