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Sky Brown re-writes Britain’s history at Tokyo 2020

As skateboard is introduced as new Olympic discipline, Team GB introduces their trump card with Sky Brown. The 13-years-old athlete managed to reach the podium.

Sky Brown, aged 13, is the youngest ever Britain’s to win an Olympic medal and this is happening at Tokyo 2020 edition. Sky is re-writing history as, in addition, her winning is in skateboarding – new Olympic discipline since this year.

Wednesday 4th of August 2021, will be a date to remember, at least for Brits and the young athlete. A new medal for the Team GB.

Sky Brown reaches her dream at Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Prior Sky Brown the youngest athlete had been Margery Hinton in 1928 being aged 13 years and 43 days, but Sky with 20 days less is now the youngest ever Britain’s competitor.

A lot of pressure was putted on her as she entered the medal spots. She wanted to re-write history by winning and she did. For a moment the podium went under threat as she felled in her first two runs. Then, gained composure back, managed to do 56.47 on her final try, winning the bronze medal. The gold medal went to Japan’s Sakura Yosozumi, and the silver one to the 12-year-old Kokona Hiraki.

The Tokyo’s Ariake Stake Park will always hold a place in her heart as signing the beginning of a prosperous career for this young athlete. Here some memory shots.

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Her words after the run:

It’s incredible. It feels unreal. I’m so happy to be here. I’m blessed. I was definitely bummed that I fell twice but that made the last one feel even better. All the girls are ripping it, it was insane. It was a super sick final and semi-finals. It was insane.

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Now Sky is going to hand out with some friends and party for celebrating the winning.

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