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How to dribble a football

Modern players like Wayne Rooney honed their skills playing street football.

How to dribble a football
How to dribble a football

Some of the greatest dribblers of all-time played football on the streets barefoot with a small, heavy ball and, even now, modern players like Wayne Rooney honed their skills playing street football.


  • A small ball, be it as small as a tennis ball or a size 2 football
  • A paved area
  • Trainers

The key to dribbling is keeping the ball close to you and under your control.

Playing with a small ball on a paved area, rather than a grassy area, ensures the ball with run away from you. Whilst this may be initially frustrating, it will pay dividends, as you must be more careful with your touch.

How to dribble a football: instructions

The basic dribble

1. Place your foot beside the ball pointing towards the direction you would like to dribble.
2. Move the ball forward with a light tap from the other foot.
3. Follow the ball and continue to tap it forward with the same foot.
4. Keep your weight low so you can change direction should you need to.

Bringing in a second foot

5. Tap the ball towards the other foot rather than right in front.
6. Control the ball with the inside of this foot and then tap it back to the original foot.
7. Try changing direction whilst moving the ball from foot-to-foot. Remember to keep your weight low.

Use the outside of your foot

8. Dribble the ball forward using a basic one-footed dribble.
9. Change direction by moving the ball towards one side of the body, using the outside of the foot on that side to tap it with the outside of the foot.
10. Bring the ball back into your body with a tap from the inside of the boot.
11. Tap the ball to the other foot.

Practice at speed

12. Try tapping the ball from foot to foot, improving your speed with every drill.
13. Try changing direction, using the outside of the boot when you want to reverse direction.

You should have the basics of dribbling mastered. Keep practicing and use obstacles to simulate a real game situation.

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linnea green
22 February, 2022 7:18 am

Wonderful explanation

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3 March, 2022 11:19 am

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