Only We Can Save Emperor Penguins from Extinction

25 February, 2020 by Emma Lewis
More than three years have passed since the Paris climate agreement came into force. Yet we are still a long way from achieving the objectives set. The survival of the emperor penguins also depends on compliance with the treaty. These…

Baobabs Are Dying – But We Still Do Not Know Why

24 February, 2020 by Emma Lewis
Another one of Africa’s many mysteries. For about ten years now, some of the biggest and oldest trees on the continent, the baobabs, have been dying. Plants between 1,100 and 2,500 years old are disappearing. In particular, nine of the…

There Is a Vast Unexplored Cave Down in Canada

19 February, 2020 by Emma Lewis
In Canada there is a huge unexplored cave. The dream of every speleologist has emerged from the snows of British Columbia. The entrance alone is about 330 feet wide. It seems that no one has ever entered the cave –…

How Insect Extinction Is Also Due to Light Pollution

16 February, 2020 by Emma Lewis
Every year in the world, the total mass of insects decreases by 2.5%. And this has been happening for some years now. At this rate, insects could disappear completely within a century. The situation is so serious that the conservationists…

Surviving Fires: Nature Does It Better than Humans

13 February, 2020 by Emma Lewis
Surviving fires is not easy, yet nature does it better than humans. Fire has an important and often negative impact on wild plants and animals, but some systems have adapted to it. And, paradoxically, some species cannot live without fire.…

4 Things You Probably Do Not Know About Rainbows

11 February, 2020 by Emma Lewis
The word rainbow comes from the Latin arcus pluvius. This shows that even our ancestors understood its physical origin: there can be no rainbow without rain. But how are rainbows formed? They occur when sunlight – i.e. all wavelengths of…