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Holidays: British will have free Covid tests to take abroad

Fast and free Covid tests will be available in airports for British people who will decide to spend their holidays in a foreign Country.

Holidays free Covid tests
Holidays free Covid tests

Fast Covid tests will be available for free for British who will go on holidays in a foreign Country. However, the same people, when they will come back in the Uk, will have to pay for a PCR test, which costs at least £50.

This news arrives as the Prime Minister Boris Johnson is about to confirm that the ban on foreign holidays will be lifted on May 17.

Free Covid tests to take on holidays

In April, Boris Johnson said that he wanted to re-start international travels, by making things as flexible as possible.

However, these free Covid tests will likely be restricted to a small number of low-risk countries. Also health officials are satisfied with these free tests. They believe that they will be enough to prevent a new diffusion of Covid-19.

This decision of free Covid tests comes after the concerns of the travel industry about the cost of testing. Researches found out that the average cost of a standard PCR is £65. In some cases, it can also arrive to £150.

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