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New 44,104 covid cases per day in UK

22 July, 2021
Covid cases are rising again in the Uk, and now that restrictions are off the risk of getting the disease is even higher. Boris Johnson is trying to push on vaccines trying to reduce the time which intercourses between first…

Covid August projections say it will expire by mid-month

8 July, 2021
It has been confirmed that end of lockdown restrictions will end by July 19 but still it will be required for people to self-isolate if went in contact with a positive individual. Even people which received both vaccine jabs.

Normality will be back next spring for Brits

7 July, 2021
Next spring is the prediction of when Brits will get back to normality. Why getting back to normality risks to be lifted to next spring for Brits In Uk, the youngest generations haven't received their first jab yet. In addition,…