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Indonesia: under 18 covid death rates are way above world average

Prior Delta variant, Covid-19 was attacking Indonesia with the same pattern as all other countries.

It’s been more than a year that the world is affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. What makes it difficult for us to normally get back to life, are the variants. The virus mutates its structure getting either stronger or weaker.

As a result, we have a virus which shares characteristics with the previous one, but it may be more aggressive towards specific types of individuals. Since the beginning, Covid always attacked the more fragile part of the population; leaving the youngest.

Those under 25 rarely saw severe consequences, the majority contracted the virus in a asymptomatic form. But now under-18 covid deaths are worrying in Indonesia.

Under 18 covid deaths rate are continuously growing in Indonesia

The percentage of under 18 deaths for Covid has reached 1% of Indonesia’s total Covid-19 death. Just in August, at least 228 under 18 youths died before the end of the month. Numbers are terrifying as the world average rate, updated at August 24th, is 0.3%; calculated on a bases of 79 countries.

In Indonesia the rise of child’s deaths has been charted since the spread of the Delta variant. In the country a total of more than 1,272 children have died for Covid-19.

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