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Parcel Pandemonium: UK Delivery Woes Persist as One in Three Encounter Problems

The parcel delivery landscape in the UK is navigating through challenges as one in thre encountered problems. Discover more about UK Delivery Woes.


The parcel delivery landscape in the UK is navigating through a maze of challenges, evident from recent research indicating that one in three recipients encountered hurdles with their latest deliveries. With the exponential rise of online shopping, the demand for reliable parcel delivery and monitoring services like Hermes Tracking UK has reached unprecedented heights. In this tumultuous terrain of parcel logistics, innovative solutions such as hermes tracking UK emerge as indispensable lifelines, offering consumers invaluable transparency and control over their awaited packages.

Delivery Dilemmas Unveiled

Citizens Advice’s annual league table of parcel delivery companies, released in November, exposed the troubling state of affairs in the industry. Among the key revelations, the study highlighted that an estimated 13.3 million people, equating to 34% of recipients, encountered issues with their most recent package deliveries.

The league table, designed to assess various criteria including customer service, delivery problems, accessibility, and trust, named Evri and Yodel as the worst courier companies. Formerly known as Hermes, Evri, along with Yodel, received a dismal score of two out of a maximum of five stars. This low rating underscores significant deficiencies in the fundamental aspects of parcel delivery services provided by these companies.

Harnessing the Power of Online Package Tracking

Several online package tracking services, such as Ordertracker are providing global tracking services, empowering users with real-time updates on parcel status, location, and estimated delivery dates, providing much-needed transparency and peace of mind in an otherwise chaotic delivery environment. As the nation navigates through parcel pandemonium, embracing these efficient tracking tools becomes paramount for both consumers and businesses alike.

Company Rankings and Performance

While Evri and Yodel languished at the bottom of the league table, Royal Mail and Amazon emerged as the frontrunners. However, even these industry giants fell short of securing a three-star rating, with both companies achieving only 2.75 stars.

Of particular concern is Evri’s abysmal performance in the accessibility category, where it scored just 1.6 out of five. This rating reflects a disregard for individuals with specific needs, such as those requiring additional time to answer the door, thereby exacerbating the challenges faced by vulnerable populations.

An Amazon spokesperson responded to the findings by emphasizing the company’s commitment to resolving delivery issues promptly, asserting that the vast majority of deliveries are completed without incident. However, such reassurances may offer little solace to the millions of consumers grappling with parcel delivery woes.

Call for Action and Regulatory Intervention

Dame Clare Moriarty, the chief executive of Citizens Advice, issued a resounding call to action in response to the alarming revelations. She underscored the imperative for parcel companies to address systemic failings and prioritize the interests of consumers, especially with the impending surge in deliveries expected during the holiday season.

In light of the persistent shortcomings in the parcel delivery sector, Citizens Advice urged the regulatory body, Ofcom, to conduct a comprehensive review of its complaints and accessibility guidance by April 2024. Furthermore, the charity advocated for the consideration of enforcement actions, including the imposition of fines, should significant improvements fail to materialize by the specified deadline.

The gravity of the situation is further underscored by the exponential increase in online advice sought by consumers regarding undelivered parcels. Over the past 12 months, Citizens Advice reported a staggering 78% surge in views of its online advice page dedicated to parcel delivery issues, highlighting the growing frustration and disillusionment among consumers.


As the UK grapples with ongoing challenges in the parcel delivery sector, the need for swift and decisive action has never been more pressing. With millions of consumers experiencing delays, misdeliveries, and accessibility barriers, the onus falls squarely on parcel companies and regulators to effect meaningful change. Failure to address these systemic issues risks eroding consumer trust and undermining the integrity of the delivery ecosystem, ultimately jeopardizing the viability of e-commerce in the UK.

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