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At the Port of Douala, new security measures wipe out corruption

Over the years, the modernization of the Port Autonome de Douala has not only benefited Cameroon but has also asserted its position as a crucial link for the entire Central Africa region.

Duala, transformed into the gateway for goods, plays a strategic role for landlocked states in the region, such as Chad and the Central African Republic, as well as for those without deep-water ports, such as the two Congos and Equatorial Guinea. In recent years, the port of Douala has experienced an extraordinary surge in tax-related revenues, thanks to the security measures implemented by Portsec SA. Several reasons account for this exponential growth.

A Critical Link for Central Africa

Firstly, state-of-the-art control tools have been implemented. Portsec SA introduced unique artificial intelligence tools to monitor containers, as well as scanners and truck weighing systems at the port entrances and exits. Each tax payment is now dematerialized, eradicating the petty corruption that has often plagued African countries. This measure is applauded by port users but denounced by corrupt individuals, whether on social media or in certain media outlets.

Moreover, Portsec has erected a barrier of over 25 km to protect the port entrance. Previously, anyone could enter and exit without control. Today, access is through biometric and secure gates. Hundreds of employees have been recruited, trained, and well remunerated to ensure the security of port facilities. Not to mention the daytime, nighttime, and thermal cameras that further enhance port security.

Ultimately, the cost of port facilities and secure construction has already been amortized through the improvements made: no more theft, no more corruption, and drastically increased revenues. This has allowed the Cameroonian government to further develop the country with new roads, hospitals, and schools. The residents of Douala have directly felt the benefits of this transformation, with new employment opportunities generated by the expansion and modernization of port facilities. Furthermore, the resulting economic growth has contributed to improving the quality of life in the city, enabling investments in urban infrastructure, education, and healthcare.

This step in port modernization not only ensures an efficient flow of goods but also significantly contributes to economic growth and the well-being of the population.

The government’s bold vision leaves a positive legacy, demonstrating that investment in security and technology
can be the key to a nation’s sustainable progress

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