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Why is safety in the workplace so important?

21 May, 2020
© law_keven (Flickr) 365 Days - Day 318 - Moi - CSCS Test - Wednesday November 14th 2007. © law_keven (Flickr) Implementing safety programmes Identifying the dangersHaving a good safety programme at work reduces the potential risk for accidents. This…

How to apply for financial aid

21 May, 2020
1. What are the types of financial aid? © Nikolai Sorokin Piggy bank and hand with coin isolated on white background © Nikolai Sorokin Financial aid can be applied for scholarships, need based awards, for work-study employment as well as…

How to change your identity?

21 May, 2020
© Marem Hand – Abdruck - rot © Marem Adopting a new identity. How is it possible?The short answer to adopting a new identity, and is it possible, is no. You cannot erase your old identity 100% unless the government…

Girls' appalling classroom behaviour

21 May, 2020
© www.spacegrant.nau.edu Classroom Students © www.spacegrant.nau.edu The survey, taken place in the UK, found that 44% of teachers, heads and other school staff believed girls' behaviour had gotten worse in the past two years. Boys behaviour is believed to have…

How to talk so kids listen

21 May, 2020
© Pavel Losevsky grandmother with grandchild © Pavel Losevsky You can inspire a child to listen The first important thing to remember when speaking to a child is to demonstrate your authority. This does not have to be a domineering…

Tutoring advanced writing students

21 May, 2020
© Julia Britvich chldren teaching © Julia Britvich When meeting with a student for the first time, remember that rapport is critical to the success of the session. Establish trust by being friendly and interested in the student as a…

How to learn to play the piano?

21 May, 2020
© Arkady Chubykin Playing the digital piano © Arkady Chubykin Piano basics Play by earOne of the simplest ways to learn piano is to learn to play by ear. Most great players learn this method, so that in time their…

How to become a teacher?

21 May, 2020
© Shane Global Language Centres (Flickr) Upper Intermediate Class © Shane Global Language Centres (Flickr) The role of a primary school teacher Primary school teachers teach in line with the curriculum objectives set for infants or junior school pupils.Teachers in…

How to be an actor

21 May, 2020
© WikiMedia (Wikimedia) Photograph of Alla Nazimova from the 'Screen acting' (1921) book. De © WikiMedia (Wikimedia) The budding actor is advised to take part in, even run, as many drama projects at school as possible. This looks good upon…

Stress management for early childhood educators

21 May, 2020
© Christine Moore Stress Management © Christine Moore Stress, we all feel it, we all have it. A good level of stress does motivate us to perform better. But, when stress becomes a consistent presence in our lives, our bodies,…

How much does a lawyer make per year?

21 May, 2020
© WikiMedia Wikimedia A courtroom (2) at Osgoode Hall, used by the Ontario Court of Appeal. © WikiMedia (Wikimedia) How much money does a lawyer make? DebutsTrainee lawyers receive a starting salary of around £30,000 in their first year of…

How to become a secondary school teacher

21 May, 2020
© Nationaal Archief Flickr Leraar met gezag / Teacher with authority © Nationaal Archief (Flickr) What are your motivations?Being a secondary school teacher is a tough career. Unlike popular preconceptions, you do not finish work at three o'clock and have…
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