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Alternative Investment Methods for Novices and Professionals: Advice from a Fintech Expert

In this article, we explain you everything about alternative investmentes and in particular some insight for investors to use.

With the world of alternative investments growing constantly, people are shifting away from general company stocks and are moving towards other modern investment opportunities. The markets are constantly changing and being up to date can bring you plenty of opportunities for success.

In the past, alternative investments were not that easy to come across, especially if you were just a beginner. You required a generous capital if you wanted to even get near them. However, Fintech platforms made it easier for beginners and average-budget investors to take part in this, all thanks to fractional ownership. Dmytro Lokshyn held a very important role in this matter, as his platform Investables gave more people access to physical asset investment.

Unlike regular stocks and bonds, alternative investments have the potential to offer stable returns in the long term. You just need to make the right choices and learn how to overcome the challenges. We’ve talked with Lokshyn on the matter so that he can offer some insight for investors to use, based on his experience in the field.

Can You Tell Us More About Your Journey into the Fintech Industry?

My journey through the Fintech journey brought a lot of successes, but also multiple hardships, especially after I emigrated to Germany. However, this taught me that resilience is very important when trying to overcome challenges, which helped me numerous times across my career.

Throughout time, I held numerous positions related to the Blockchain field. One was Head of Delivery and ICO when working for Applicature Inc., where I learned how to make ICOs, conduct tokenization, create smart contracts, work with product management frameworks, and undergo comprehensive project management. During my time as Chief Marketing Officer at eezylife Inc., I also learned how to attract users and improve the reach of an app, securing funding for a company.

While working in leading roles for several startups, I gained enough knowledge to give me a courage boost as an entrepreneur. As a result, I teamed up with two of my friends, Viktor Shalginov and Oleg Shkinder, to create the Investables platform. This website allowed its users to trade physical assets more efficiently, democratizing the usual access. Once we coupled it with FINRA and SEC-approved offerings, the site gained more traction, and we became pioneers in this field.

Are There Some Special Things You Need to Do to Start Investing?

First, before you start investing, you must learn as much as possible about your alternative investments of choice. Find the ones that are likely to bring you the most profit in the long term. From my experience and general analysis of the market, I found that the most paying alternative investments are the following:

  • Rare fashion objects, watches, and jewelry, especially those connected to celebrities, as their uniqueness brings value.
  • Fine wines, especially the Burgundy type, which gained a lot of popularity in the past few years.
  • Art, which almost reached $68 billion in 2022, a significant increase since the pre-pandemic times.
  • Retro cars from before the ‘80s are gaining more value the older they get.

You have a very large pool of investment opportunities to choose from, but I find that a good safety net is to keep a diversified portfolio. This can keep you safe, should a market shift occur. Getting advice from professionals in the field can also offer you a financial advantage, maximizing potential and minimizing risk.

However, I can’t stress enough about conducting extensive market research. Regardless of the investment that you make, it is important to understand the trends so that you can find suitable prospects. I do realize that this is something potentially difficult to do, especially for novice investors, which is why I used Investables to make that knowledge easily available. Other than that, all you need is patience, as most assets can take some time to grow.

Do You Have Any Advice on How to Overcome Challenges?

Challenges are bound to appear at some point, and my case brought no exceptions. For example, Investables was founded right when a war was starting. At that point, you didn’t know what people would prioritize, or whether your business would take or not. Being stubborn and determined on a fixed plan can be very effective when you live in stable times, but when things are not very certain, you must learn how to stay flexible.

One of the best ways I found to overcome challenges was to create a team of professionals that you can trust. Each person has a role to perform, which is why it is essential not to come between them and their work. When assembling such a team, you have to trust their ability to create the best strategy based on their collective knowledge.

Honesty and openness are also important when you come face to face with a challenge. You need to be open about everything that is going on while making it clear that you value every employee and customer. This is the only thing that will keep the business alive when you aren’t sure what the future will bring.

Resilience remains equally significant. While I managed to leave Ukraine at some point after the war started, many of my people remained there, working from home. Alarms were blaring and fighting jets were flying around, but we kept our focus on what was important. Our efforts paid off because, despite working remotely and being in the middle of a war, investors still reached out to us.

What Would Be Your Advice for Aspiring Fintech Professionals?

No matter how many challenges you come across, you have to keep your eyes on the goal while holding onto a certain degree of flexibility. Things always change, so you need to find a way to change along with them. Do your research on the market and find out where the best opportunities are.

Sometimes, you may need to let go of some fixed ideas to pursue a more time-relevant one. Still, as long as you never give up, you should be able to find the path that works best for you. Trust yourself and your team, and you may just be surprised by the outcome.

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