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Who is the Ukrainian entrepreneur Mary Ten?

Discover the life and career of the young Ukrainian entrepreneur and owner of a crypto exchange.

Mary Ten: the young Ukrainian entrepreneur and singer

Mary Ten is a Ukrainian entrepreneur. She invests in real estate and cryptocurrencies, and is the owner of a crypto exchange based in Poland. She is also pursuing a career as a singer.

Childhood and family

Mary was born on March 19, 1996. She spent her childhood in Chyhyryn, Cherkasy region. Her mother worked as an accountant and her father was a builder. The girl was raised mainly by her grandmother, as her parents were away working a lot.

Mary got married in 2021. She is the mother of two children.


Mary studied at Bohdan Khmelnytskyi School (now Lyceum) No. 1 in Chyhyryn.

After graduating from 9th grade, she entered the Kyiv College of Construction, Architecture and Design to study design engineering for industrial and public buildings. She graduated with honors.

In 2018, she entered the Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture (“KNUCA”). In 2022, she received a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial and Public Buildings Design Engineering.

Now she is studying part-time for a master’s degree at KNUCA (majoring in Architect of Industrial and Public Buildings).

First steps in her career

Since childhood, Mary has been striving for financial independence. That’s why she worked as a waitress during her school years in her spare time. The money she earned from her job allowed her to pay off her parents’ loan.

While studying at the university, she simultaneously worked at one of its faculties. She also worked as a cashier at the Velyka Kyshenya supermarket and did manicures for girls in the dormitory.

Working within her field of specialization was a major priority, so in 2015-2017 she worked with Leokon Spetsbud LLC and ADC Bosko Design LLC. This work contributed to her professional growth. Mary worked as a member of the architect team, which carried out redevelopment of facilities, design of structures, and author’s supervision.

The development of architectural projects and design for premises and buildings in the UAE and Turkey, in which Mary invests, provides another chance for her to fulfill her professional potential.


Mary decides to start her own business in 2018 by setting up a chain of eco-food stores in Kyiv. By the end of 2023, all six stores of the chain had to be closed due to a full-scale invasion.

The real estate development is another of Mary’s business interests. She has been investing in real estate abroad since 2018, particularly in Turkey and the UAE. She owns residential and commercial real estate there, has a recording studio and a rehearsal base in Turkey. He is also considering investing in real estate markets in Spain and Mexico.

In 2023, she co-founded the logistics company Prodpark. The company is engaged in international food transportation.


In 2022, she invested in a startup in Poland, which was later relaunched as a crypto exchange.

Creative work

She has been passionate about music since childhood. During her school years, she completed a music school where she majored in accordion. At the same time, she performed in a choir, was practicing vocals and ballroom dancing in the Lileia group at the Chyhyryn House of Culture.

In 2010, she took part in the X Factor qualifying round.

In 2024, she began recording her first professional music album.

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