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Enerbrain, €5.2 million investment for international development

Enerbrain, a smart building company, has received 5.2 million in investment for its international development in 2021-2023.

Enerbrain, a company specialising in the intelligent building sector, will have €5.2 million to invest in order to increase its development in an international context.

Enerbrain, €5.2 million investment for international development

Enerbrain, a company specialising in the smart building sector, offers its customers a unique solution for the energy efficiency and optimisation of large buildings housing companies in the advanced tertiary sector.

In order to increase and strengthen its international presence, Enerbrain has succeeded in obtaining a new investment round of 5.2 million euros. The funding received by the company comes from several companies. They are, in particular, from :

  • EDF Pulse Croissance, the EDF Group’s corporate venture capital fund;
  • IREN, a company operating in the electricity, thermal and gas sectors
  • EQUITER Rif-T, the fund managed by Equiter, dedicated to equity investment in research and innovation projects;
  • GELLIFY, an innovation platform that connects innovative B2B start-ups with established companies;
  • AZIMUT Digitech Fund, the venture capital fund managed by Azimut Libera Impresa SGR.

Each of these investors has been counted among the minority shareholders of Enerbrain, while the role of the main shareholders remains that of Enerbrain’s founders, Giuseppe Giordano (CEO), Filippo Ferraris, Marco Martellacci and Francesca Freyria.

Despite the major financing operation, Enerbrain remains an independent company and will continue to develop its activities through partnerships with players active on the regional and global market.

The company’s 2021-2023 business plan

Enerbrain’s fundraising comes in the context of a record year for the company, which has seen its revenues grow by more than 300% per year and has an interdisciplinary team of more than 50 people.

The funds will be used by the company to bring to life an ambitious and impressive 2021-2023 business plan, the main objective of which will be to strengthen the company’s position in the international market, promote new business models and increase investment in ‘research and development’.

Specifically, Enerbrain offers its customers an innovative, state-of-the-art solution that uses IoT technology supported by artificial intelligence. The company is therefore committed to adopting new applications in the field of energy transition and air quality improvement.

The scalable technology promoted by Enerbrain

In particular, the solution proposed by Enerbrain is represented by a scalable technology capable of connecting to any existing system. Indeed, Enerbrain’s scalable technology allows for the remote control of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems of a given building, exploiting sensors and devices connected to the Cloud.

It also provides a proprietary algorithm based on adaptive and predictive logic, which optimises building performance in real time. This ensures incredible results in terms of energy savings, improved comfort for all building occupants and a significant reduction in the building’s carbon footprint.

Finally, by not having to replace the HVAC systems, Enerbrain’s customers have the opportunity to reduce their energy costs and cut CO2 emissions. In this way, it will be possible to achieve ESG standards related to sustainability and digital transformation, coming closer to the requirements of the Green New Deal.

Giuseppe Giordano, CEO of the company, says that the funding round amounts to €5.2 million

Giuseppe Giordano, CEO of Enerbrain, commented:

“First of all, I would like to thank the people and organisations that have believed and continue to believe in us! Our best response to this important transaction is to ensure that by accelerating the implementation of our 2021-23 industrial development plan, we will certainly be able to strengthen ourselves in the market at an international level.

With these new resources, we will be able to develop new business models and take decisive steps in research and development.

This transaction is an excellent expression of our ability to collaborate with all global and regional market players. The technology and solutions are ideal for all, especially utilities, who can use our one-stop energy-saving platform to both increase margins and make critical forecasts on energy consumption, while optimally managing demand.

Our offering is now even more extraordinary and is best expressed from the small public school to large airports, shopping malls, supermarkets, offices, industries and manufacturing plants”.

Enerbrain’s financing, statements from minority shareholders

However, on the subject of investment capital, some of the leading business figures representing some of Enerbrain’s minority shareholders spoke. The transaction was commented on by Michel Vanhaesbroucke, Managing Director of EDF Pulse Croissance, Renato Boero, Chairman of IREN Group, Carla Patrizia Ferrari, CEO of Equiter S.p.A., Gianluigi Martina, Managing Partner and Founder of GELLIFY, and Marco Belletti, CEO of Azimut Libera Impresa Sgr.

EDF Pulse Croissance

Michel Vanhaesbroucke, Managing Director of EDF Pulse Croissance, said: “By investing in Enerbrain, the EDF Group reaffirms its commitment to contribute to the fight against climate change through concrete and adaptable solutions that can be rapidly deployed to help all sectors of the economy achieve greater sustainability and energy efficiency.


Renato Boero, President of IREN Group, commented on the project, “We are excited to participate in Enerbrain’s new investment round, the potential of which we have already believed in since 2019 by entering the company’s capital through the IREN-Up corporate venture capital programme. Thanks to this new round of financing, Enerbrain, whose technological solutions have been satisfactorily adopted in the energy efficiency interventions carried out by the IREN Group, will benefit from a new important support to the company’s national and international growth.”

Equiter S.p.A.

Carla Patrizia Ferrari, CEO of Equiter S.p.A., meanwhile, said, “This transaction represents an opportunity for Equiter to invest, through the RIF-T fund and with leading financial and industrial partners, in a local SME of excellence, in line with our mission and the pillars of the Recovery and Resilience Mechanism, in particular the digital transformation and the ecological transition.” Finally, it is important to highlight the potential synergies that can be activated with the Equiter Infrastructure II Fund with regard to investments characterised by a strong integration between infrastructure, innovation and social/environmental impact and in line with the provisions of the European Next Generation programme.”


GELLIFY’s managing partner and founder, Gianluigi Martina, reiterated: “Enerbrain is an Italian company that has rapidly entered a well-defined and growing market, that of BEMS (building energy management systems). The BEMS market continues to evolve, driven in particular by two major technological trends: the IoT revolution and the development of cloud and edge computing, but also thanks to a greater awareness and education of organisations about Smart Buildings and the related social impact, from a green perspective. We therefore believe that GELLIFY‘s follow-on investment is going in the right direction, so that Enerbrain can make a concrete contribution to the energy transition supported by technological progress.”

Azimut Digitech Fund

Finally, Marco Belletti, CEO of Azimut Libera Impresa Sgr, stressed: “With the Azimut Digitech Fund, which represents an absolute innovation on the Italian venture capital scene by investing in B2B software start-ups, we are supporting Enerbrain in its growth and development process, aiming to make the ecosystem in which we live sustainable and energy efficient through artificial intelligence, reaffirming once again our commitment to invest in the real economy for the benefit of our customers in terms of long-term returns.”

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