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A brief history of bitcoin: the currency of the future?

7 February, 2020
To some, Bitcoin is nothing but a Ponzi scheme. To others, it’s a tool to revolutionize the economic system. The history of bitcoin has been rocky since its conception and its value as a currency is still up for debate.…

A summary of the European Union

7 February, 2020
The European Union is everpresent on the news, our screens and in conversation but how did it begin and how exactly does it work?

Microsoft Office 2019: what’s new?

1 February, 2020
If you are thinking about buying the new Microsoft Office 2019, catch yourself up with the array of new features and improvements that this years edition has to offer.

Apple vs Microsoft: a fierce rivalry

31 January, 2020
Apple VS Microsoft: sometimes they collaborate together and sometimes they compete. Is the relationship between the two giants ever going to come to an end?
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