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Consumer Frustration Peaks: Research Shows Over 13 Million Brits Encounter Parcel Delivery Woes

Due to Parcel Delivery Woes in the UK, a wave of frustration washes over consumers across the country. In this article you can learn more about the situation.

Brits Encounter Parcel Delivery Woes: frustration peaks
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As the dust settles from the festive season, a wave of frustration washes over consumers across the UK, with recent research revealing that over 13 million Brits encountered significant issues with parcel deliveries in the past month. The findings, confirmed by the live Hermes tracking platform and highlighted in the Citizens Advice Parcels League Table, shed light on the ongoing challenges faced by consumers in their quest for reliable and timely deliveries.

Worst-Performing Companies Unveiled

A conducted study pinpointed Evri and Yodel as the worst-performing parcel delivery companies, ranking at the bottom with an overall score of just two stars out of five. The report indicates that this disappointing trend has persisted for the last three years, raising concerns about the effectiveness of measures taken by these companies to improve their services.

Amazon Leads the Pack, but is it Enough?

In stark contrast, industry giant Amazon claimed the top spot with a score of 2.75, closely followed by Royal Mail at the same rating, and DPD with a score of 2.25. While these companies performed relatively well, the overall dissatisfaction among consumers remains a cause for concern, with the top performers scoring far from a perfect five stars.

Dame Clare Moriarty Speaks Out

Dame Clare Moriarty, Chief Executive of Citizens Advice, expressed her concerns about the persistently substandard delivery services that have left consumers chasing lost, late, or damaged parcels. She emphasized the need for urgent action from parcel companies to rectify these failings and provide a smoother and more reliable service.

“This is an issue we feel has been neglected for far too long,” stated Dame Clare Moriarty. “With a seasonal surge of deliveries on the horizon, parcel companies must take action to protect shoppers and get to the root cause of these persistent failings.”

Struggles in Resolving Delivery Problems

The research also revealed that nearly half of customers faced additional challenges when attempting to resolve delivery problems, and this figure rose to 60% among people with disabilities. This highlights a crucial aspect of the problem, indicating that not only are deliveries falling short, but the customer support and issue resolution processes are also lacking.

Evri’s Response and the Path Forward

In response to the research, Evri’s Chief Customer Officer, Chris Ashworth, expressed disappointment with the company’s placement in the league table. He mentioned significant investments and efforts to improve services, pointing to rising parcel volumes as evidence of customer and client trust.

As we step into the new year, consumers and industry experts alike are left questioning the effectiveness of the measures taken by delivery firms and pondering whether the parcel delivery industry is set for a significant shake-up in 2024. As the industry grapples with rising consumer frustration, the spotlight is on companies to address persistent failings and provide a more reliable and satisfactory service to millions of Brits relying on their deliveries.

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