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How to change your identity?

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Adopting a new identity.
How is it possible?

The short answer to adopting a new identity, and is it possible, is no. You cannot erase your old identity 100% unless the government does it for you.

Some information upon the internet may claim they can do it for you, but they are nothing more than scams. Only your government can legally change your identity and then only under certain circumstances.

Changing your name

It is not too difficult to change your name, you can apply for a name change and details of the name change will be made public for 30 days before the change can go through.

If there are no objections during that period of time you can pay your fee and the name change is granted. If an objection is raised it may go to court and the decision will be made for or against a name change by the judge.

Changing your social security or national insurance number

This is legally possible but only under certain circumstances. Even if you do change your name and number, there will still be records in the system that link you to the old identity.
Reasons for a change.
Who wants to or is required to change their identity?

Many people believe that by changing their identity they can run away from their debts, particularly if they are out of control and can escape from their creditors. This is not so, you may get away with it for a while but they will catch-up with you eventually.

Who will the government help by giving a new identity?

There are only two types of cases that most governments will legitimately recognise as requiring a new identity. Victims of abuse or identity theft. If you are a victim of abuse you must first prove that these deeds have taken place before you can be given a new number. With identity theft you must provide evidence that your number is being used by someone else and all the means to stop the perpetrator have been exhausted. Problems that a new identity can raise. Your new identity will mean no credit history meaning getting any new credit will be virtually impossible. Your tax information and driving license will be under your old name. It could lead to one big bureaucratic mess.

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