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Girls' appalling classroom behaviour

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The survey, taken place in the UK, found that 44% of teachers, heads and other school staff believed girlsbehaviour had gotten worse in the past two years. Boys behaviour is believed to have worsened 43% in the past two years, according to the Survey (completed by 859 members of teaching staff).

Boys behaviour remains a more difficult problem, according to 68% of those who participated in the survey. "Boys are more physically aggressive and usually towards other pupils. With girls it is more name calling and less fighting." according to one primary school teacher

Bullying: isolating a certain pupil from the friendship group, spreading rumours and making snide comments, were the biggest problems with girls, according to 44% of teachers. "Girls spread rumours, and fall-outs last a long time. Boys tend to sort it out fairly quickly."says a teacher from Reading, who took part in the survey.

According to a teaching assistant from Weston-Super-Mare, "Girls are definitely getting more violent, gangs of girls in schools are becoming more of a problem than gangs of boys."

The Department for Education did speak out on the matter: "Teachers can’t teach effectively and pupils can’t learn if discipline is poor or there is continual low-level disruption. That’s why we’re giving teachers tough new powers and underlining their clear authority to crackdown on badly-behaved pupils."

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