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How to talk so kids listen

© Pavel Losevsky grandmother with grandchild
© Pavel Losevsky
You can inspire a child to listen
The first important thing to remember when speaking to a child is to demonstrate your authority. This does not have to be a domineering or negative thing. It is possible to be a kind, funny, and interesting authority figure. Discipline is the most important problem that parents have when raising children. This article will not teach you how to discipline your child, but it will guide you on how to inspire your children to listen when you are disciplining them.
Kids will know when an adult lacks confidence or knowledge. Confidence can be gained by reminding yourself why you want the child to listen. You have important or interesting information to share with them. You are an experienced adult and that you are trying to help. Knowledge is something you have as well. Children will respond to your expertise on a topic that interests them. Don’t just share facts with them or order them around, try to be engaging by sharing funny or obscure information as well. It is also helpful to squat or sit to lower yourself down to face level with the child. In this way you can demonstrate that you are speaking specifically to the child, and that you will listen to him as well.
Understanding how to discipline your children will, in some ways, be a lifelong job. Important theorists such as Haim Ginott have written extensively about this. Whatever your favourite methods, kids will not listen to an adult who does not convey authority, as discussed above. When disciplining, be sure to use a clear voice and comprehensible language. Speak firmly, but do not yell. Many children stop listening when an adult yells, curses, or insults. If a child is yelling, try lowering your voice so that the child must quiet down in order to hear you. To calm a child down if the situation is bad, try complimenting the child or expressing how much you care for her. In the end, you are the adult and the child must listen. However, this does not have to be a struggle. Use the techniques discussed here and you will talk to children in a better way. Remember – it is very important to listen to a child, and they might just return the favour.

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