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Youth population covers a fifth of those hospitalized for covid

The urge of the government to get Youngers to have their vaccine. Most hesitate as they think is useless for youths, but datas are proving they're wrong.

Covid variants are spreading though unvaccinated ones, which means the younger part of the population. The vaccination campaign started with the elder ones as they were the one which risked most their lives. But now the situation has reversed. The youth part of the population covers a fifth of the hospitalized for covid.

Youth are a fifth of the 5,000 hospitalized for Covid

Left for last as the virus attacked in milder form the younger, now are hospitalized. A reassuring new is that those hospitalized are unvaccinated or single jab individuals. In addition, it covers the age range from 18 to 34 years old; meaning therefore that the vaccine is working correctly in safeguarding the older and more fragile part of the population.

Currently, more than 5,000 people are seriously ill in hospitals with Covid; and more than a fifth of those admitted are young people. Patients aged 18-34 made up more than 20% of those admitted to hospital last month.

NHS chief executive Amanda Pritchard said:

Almost nine in 10 adults have had their first Covid-19 vaccination and more than 32 million have now had both jabs. There is no doubt that the NHS vaccination programme is having a major impact, keeping around 52,000 people out of hospital and saving an estimated 60,000 lives.

This situation urges people to do not delay their jab and book their vaccine as soon as possible if they haven’t done it yet.

In addition, with the beginning of August there is also the introduction of the vaccination certificate for entering enclosed places. Furthermore the green list destinations, may not be the beloved one and for traveling to amber list countries you require a full vaccination. As a consequence, the government are using influencer as Ambassadors to convince the doubtful youths.

The more vaccinated, the earlier the returning to normal life.

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