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Uk troops will withdraw from Afghanistan’s evacuation

After several trials in delaying the troops leave from Afghanistan, the Royal forces are entering their last hours.

After the two bombs explosions near Kabul Airport, the UK troops are entering their last rescue hours. Ben Wallace said that the terror attack have not intimidated them and that UK has not fixed a timeline; yet the English forces will still leave prior the US troops which their departure is set for Tuesday August 31st.

Boris Johnson already tried to convince Mr Biden to extend the American forces stay, but the request has been declined. As a result, UK troops will need to withdraw from Afghanistan mission.

UK troops withdraw: last hours in Afghanistan

Despite the willingness of the British government in lifting and rescuing as many Afghans as possible; the Royal army is unable to safeguard airport entry and contemporarily evacuate people, alone. That is why also UK troops will need to abandon Afghanistan. In the past two weeks they managed to flee 14,000 Afghans. The sad fact, Mr Wallace says, is that not every single one will be able to get away.

Currently there are already approximately 1,000 people in the airfield, an they will continue to find a few people in the crowds; but overall the main processing is now closed. It’s now a matter of hours before the troops leave the country; when precisely is not known but it will be decided based on the situation. Luckily the terror attack did not hasten their departure. Wallace suggests Afghans to avoid trying reaching the airport but rather reach the country borders.

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