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Brits evacuation from Kabul is at risk: threats of terror attack

Taliban are unpleasant with the armies helping Afghans evade the country, as a consequence they threat terror attack to the airport un-allowing to end properly the final evacuations. Still 2,000 fellow citizens need to be airlifted and may not make it.

There are still Brits citizens in Afghanistan, but now their evacuation is at risk. The Foreign Office has warned UK nationals not to travel to Kabul airport due to an “ongoing and high threat of terrorist attack”. According to the Ministry of Defense, so far the British forces managed to evacuate 10,000 people; nevertheless other 2,000 people, among which interpreters and Britain office staff, are still waiting to be airlift.

More than 2,000 Brits evacuation is at risk

Joe Biden has rejected Boris Johnson’s request of delaying the deadline of U.S. troops permanence in Afghanistan. Rescuing alla Afghans is obviously impossible; indeed as time is shorting, defence secretary Ben Wallace suggest Afghans should abandon the dream of reaching Kabul’s airport.

As explanatory reason he says they should try making it to the border to reach a third country. Currently, Taliban have their focus on the airport making it the only feasible moment in which Afghans may manage to escape from country borders.

The timing of the last UK flight hasn’t been scheduled yet, but rumors speak about Tuesday 31st. Despite the PM various tentatives of extending the deadline, the situation is pretty much volatile at the airport, with risks of attacks. As a consequence, more than 2,000 eligible Afghans still need to be rescued; with the risk of not making it. We’re speaking about families split apart, with some being a mix of British and Afghan nationals; while others having relatives both in the U.K. and Kabul.

There have been warning in recent days about a heightened risk of attacks; in addition Talibans threaten of ‘consequences’ if the deadline does not met the agreement.

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