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Boris Johnson wants to extend the rescue date from Afghanistan

The Prime Minister Boris Johnson is setting a G7 meeting to convince Biden delaying the ultimate date for rescuing US troops from Afghanistan.

boris johnson afghanistan
boris johnson afghanistan

Tomorrow, Tuesday 24th of August 2021, the G7 is meeting to discuss once again Kabul situation. As hot topics, Boris Johnson is going to try convince Biden to extend the evacuation deadline of US troops from Afghanistan. On one side it’s highly unconceivable to extend the date beyond the 31st of August; it would mean putting at risk all US troops and citizens.

On the contrary, the troops secure Kabul’s airport for repatriation flights; and without them it may end with the mission failure not being able to rescue everybody.

Why Boris Johnson still wants the US troops in Afghanistan

Therefore Boris Johnson is to use an emergency G7 summit on Tuesday to personally lobby Mr Biden on the issue.

As reason of the English Government pressure is that, as Mr Cleverly says: “Obviously the more time that we’ve got, the more people we can evacuate and that’s what we’re pushing for”. British troops are already working out a plan with the Nato, but the remaining allied forces are insufficient to secure Hamid Karzai International Airport. Threats are both the crowds of Afghans looking to flee the Taliban takeover, and other potential security threats.

People rescued update

Currently, 5,725 people have been repatriated since August 13. Among them, there are also 3,100 Afghan individuals and families. Just on Sunday eight flights departed from Kabul and brought to safe 1,721 people. During evacuations 20 people have lost their lives squeezed while trying to reach the departure point.

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