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UK, door-to-door vaccinations: the government’s new hypothesis

Boris Johnson has decided to delay the introduction of door-to-door vaccinations in the UK.

mass vaccinations Covid
mass vaccinations Covid

Door-to-door vaccinations: this is the new hypothesis that is being considered in the United Kingdom. It is worth remembering that Great Britain has recently recorded a new record of infections. The situation is worsening with the presence of the Omicron variant and in the UK they are taking precautions.

UK, door-to-door vaccination hypothesis: Boris Johnson prefers to wait

According to the Guardian, the idea of door-to-door vaccinations is gaining ground in Downing Street. However, Prime Minister Boris Johnson have prefer to review the data on 27 December before making any decision.

UK, door-to-door vaccination hypothesis: total administrations in England

A total of 221,564 first doses were administered in England in the week of 15-21 December. This represents an increase of 46% compared to the previous week.

There were 279,112 second doses administered, an increase of 39%, according to the Department of Health and Social Care.

UK, door-to-door vaccination hypothesis: what is it?

The UK is reportedly looking to send teams of vaccinators to the homes of citizens who have not yet been vaccinated against the Coronavirus. The idea was put forward after public health teams went door-to-door to hear people’s views and concerns and offered them transport to vaccination centres.

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