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International Association of Honored Developers’ Participants Number Has Grown By 50% in 2023!

The growth of the International Association of Honored Developers.

The International Association of Honored Developers is approaching 2024 with its participants’ growth by 50 percent! Their incredible geography has also been expanded from Canada to Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, and other European countries. The count keeps growing with the talented IT developers constantly joining the association.

The International Association of Honored Developers (IAHD) houses passionate IT specialists from around the world. They have diverse skill sets in software development, IoT, and hardware development. Since its establishment in 2019, the organization’s seasoned IT professionals have been actively publishing open-source projects and incorporating the tech community through brain-stimulating hackathons, tech events, and communal outreaches. The Association is proud of following one of its core principles to train and mentor individuals to help them improve their software development skills.

The IAHD won the Hermes Creative Awards of June 2023 to recognize its website, International Association of Honored Developers (iahd.cc), which demonstrates the organization’s talent in information technology and communication. The Platinum Level Award honored the organization for its constant dedication to the technological and communication worlds. The diligent members of the IAHD revealed their talents and skills in design and development to pursue their quest for technological excellence, exceeding IAHD associates and the global community’s expectations.

The Startup World Cup of August 2023 was honored to have members of the IAHD present at the globally renowned event. Pegasus Tech Ventures, the cup’s organizer, exposes up-and-coming startups and emerging companies to allow for networking opportunities with entrepreneurs and first-rate tech CEOs. Investors can see the innovative and revolutionary exhibitions of the participants and see the value of the work they put into the IT world.

The sophisticated association organized a hackathon with the Hackathon Raptors community in September 2023. The IAHD Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Web Accessibility Hackathon was a collaborative event that brought together the bright minds of software developers to impact the IT world positively. This event was a transformative experience for skilled hackers or growing developers as they participated in training meetings to improve their knowledge base of DEI web accessibility.

Specifically, participants in the IAHD hackathon focused on implementing a solution for web accessibility enhancements in the eCommerce and retail industry. From IAHD’s perspective, the event is an excellent opportunity to unite the global developer community. Teamed up to four members, software developers focus on four key aspects of web accessibility: visual, cognitive, and keyboard accessibility and text resizing. Participants only had 48 hours to complete the objective of designing an accessible online shopping platform, but the IAHD viewed the experience as mentorship, learning, and advancement.

Amazingly, seasoned developers could share their expertise, and aspiring designers expanded their network and diversified their development skills.

Next year, the association plans to organize several hackathons in the USA and participate in large hackathons from Major League Hacking. Innovation meets impact at hackathons, and the core belief of IAHD is that solutions generated during hackathons make a difference in the realm of IT for both the developer and the community.

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