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Children and phones: how to avoid their use when dining

Now the ultima tool to help parent. One simple act will be enough.

Phones have become an extension of our body, always present in our everyday life. This is especially true for younger generations.

This is terribly punchy so that some are not able to avoid using it even at the table, while they’re dinning with the family.

Guys are literally swallowed, stop considering the world around them. Where does dialogue, sharing and thoughts exchange have ended? Where is the willingness of telling your own day, your impressions and needs? Disappeared. O better, trapped on screens and keyboards.

Shut and virtual.

Nowadays for youths is super hard avoiding the use of phones, even when dining

Now the ultima tool to help parent. One simple act will be enough.

Technology served to bring benefits, and ended up influencing not only peoples’ behavior but also education. Dialogues lost meaning, lack vocables and get thinner time after time. Realty’s perception is shaped and there’s no more clear distinction among what is real and what isn’t. With no boundaries, the road is slippery.

Parents found themselves in front of a unmanageable, sad and hard to accept situation.

They would like to start dialogues, but they find only silences. But now parents have decide to end this. A revolutionary tool has come into help to mothers and fathers which are frustrated by their children’s uncontrollable use of the phone. At first sight it appears like a pepper grinder. But at its inside it covers a system which is able to disattivate any type of electronic device. With just one small turn, just like grinding pepper, parents will turn off all tv, phones, tablets.

And what about children? Their reactions towards this new tool are devastating. At first, they go crazy with real and proper nerve crisis. But once this milestone is overcome, families go back to one of the times. All sitting around the table, talking, laughing and joking. This is the current price for normality.

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