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Blogs remain among the top online spaces for generating content

Some people seem to think that blogs were a thing from over 20 years ago that is pretty outdated by now. Far from disappearing, blogs continue to be online reference spaces for sharing and finding information of interest. They are very popular communication and marketing tools that, when used well, can generate lots of revenue, promote products, gain customers and create loyalty towards your brand.

The use of blogs has not lost its relevance and influence in the world of marketing and content creation. Having a digital presence is essential in today’s business and professional world. Everything nowadays, from who to hire or what to buy comes from a search and many of these results are provided by blogs.

WordPress, the world’s most widely used global platform for sharing content, indicates that every month people view at least more than 20 billion pages per month. At the same time, 70 million blog posts are published and more than 77 million comments are registered on these websites. Such monumental figures attest to the fact that the blogging phenomenon is far from extinct.

Effective marketing

People frequently consult blogs in search of interesting information that people share, data on new products or in search of news. This feature makes these sites essential in digital marketing SEO strategies, because the articles that are published usually feature keywords that can increase the flow of visitors to a website.

A blog can be a magnet that attracts visitors to online shops or websites, because the content can be ranked for more keywords, generating a more natural or organic flow.

These sites can help you to attract leads and build brand loyalty through email marketing. Quite simply, people who visit a website are unlikely to share personal details, however, a blog can offer articles that present information of interest and invite the person to enquire further by filling in a form, so it is more likely to be successful.

Through marketing software, data can be collected from people interested in products, promotions or a brand, thus creating a database that allows a more direct relationship with people through email.

People can subscribe to companies or news blogs that provide information that is of interest to them. For example, a woman with young children may be interested in products such as clothing or food and can be targeted as a potential customer of a company that offers such items.

This is why companies have blogs in which they share a wide range of information related to their field of interest, allowing potential customers to visit them, attracted by those topics, and willing to subscribe to their sites. Both emails and posts may not be entirely corporate or commercial, as this would drive subscribers away.

Objectives of the blogs

Basically, blogs are sites on which a variety of content is published. The articles are usually ordered chronologically, i.e. the texts can be viewed first from the most recent and so on.

In short, it is the fastest and most effective strategy to have a personal or business space to share articles with the public. They can be linked to websites and social networks. Blogs are used by influencers, artists, writers, businesses, shops and companies to generate income, or even to attract customers or as a newsletter.

Part of what makes them so popular is that they are easy to create and feed with new content, and you can even find platforms that offer a service to create them for free.

Attracting traffic

Blogs allow you to open up spaces to generate revenue through advertising and sharing links that enable conversions. Some specialized marketing platforms offer in-article banners that are incorporated into published articles.

Subscriptions can be monetized through affiliate programmes that promote the product or service through conversion, i.e. affiliates compensate the blogger for each sale that is generated if accessed through their links.

In addition, there is the option of Google AdSense, the world’s most popular affiliate scheme, which pays bloggers for every click on their post banners.

Simple process

The first step is to determine what type of blog you are going to have: personal, corporate, commercial, thematic, informative or niche (aimed at a specific area, art, photography, poetry or science).

Once you know the objective, it is necessary to choose the name (preferably unique and original, it is basic to verify that there is no other site with that name). This is followed by acquiring the domain name and finding a web hosting service.

Some platforms guide you through the whole process of creating, designing and applying templates, some of which are free. It is a process that takes a few minutes and then can be fed with information, photographs, videos, surveys. All this information can be linked to social networks to generate visits.

On the internet it is essential to stand out in order to be successful, which translates into an influx of visitors. The best way to be eye-catching is to create unique and attractive content, by activating creativity and personalization. There are millions of blogs out there, so if you want to be successful, you can’t just copy what everyone else is posting.

The purpose of a blog is to get people to visit it. Hence, it is intended to present more detailed information of interest than what is available on social networks. Having a blog can be a perfect complement to enhance a personal brand, a business or a freelancer who wants to showcase their products and services.

In highly competitive areas, having a quality blog offers the possibility to demonstrate high professional standards, which helps to position the company or personal brand over others.

Overall, blogs are amazing marketing tools that can help us launch our business or even become a business on their own. So do not look any further, start looking into all the processes behind these online spaces and get your own blog started today, it is a decision you will not regret.

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