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Pandemic is almost over for UK as its reaching heard immunity

UK with the covid cases curve going down, seems optimist in facing this winter. The fourth wave hit without serious complications, and by September a heard immunity with people having antibodies will be in place.

Brits are finally seeing the silver lining with Covid as cases are lowering again. Scientist claim the pandemic is almost over for UK as it’s reaching heard immunity. Despite lockdown restriction lessening, Covid cases are slowly decreasing.

Why scientists claim pandemic is over for UK

It was recently estimated that to reach heard immunity it was required the 93% of the population being fully vaccinated. Now Britain seems close to 92%; combining the fully vaccinated ones with who successfully recovered from covid, having therefore developed antibodies.

Public Health England epidemiologist Dr Meaghan Kall says that data indicates those aged over 24 are very close to herd immunity.

Priorly the EURO2020 put a threat towards this reaching as big crowds were forming with most having just one jab. But now with the recent recall of all those which were waiting the second dose, the situation seems getting better. The virologist Dr David Matthews said:

I suspect we will not see a major surge this winter, or any serious levels of fatalities. The more we close the gap on the last 10 per cent who haven’t had the vaccine, the better we will be. Everyone will eventually meet the virus and it is far better to do so vaccinated.

His words try to explain what he means with having saying that the pandemic is almost over for UK. It doesn’t mean that the virus will expire. In addition, heard immunity doesn’t either means not contracting covid. It therefore all means, avoiding serious complications. Many virologist from all over the world already said that we’ll need to learn to live with this virus. Indeed, the current aim is to prepare our antibodies and give them an immune memory to register.

If the situation keeps the same for UK, there are good prospers for normal life in September.

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