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Urging of pregnant women to get the vaccine

Pregnant woman are the one currently most at risk to be hospitalized with severe covid symptoms. Only 1 out of 10 received a jab.

After a worrying period of covid cases rising, now Britain is seeing a change of prospers. With people having their second dose and therefore completing the vaccination cycle, cases are now decreasing. But still some population ranges keep worrying. Currently the Government is urging pregnant women to get the vaccine.

Urging of pregnant woman to get the vaccine

The British scenario of pregnant women is not putting well in regards to the covid situation. It recently emerged from a study, that 99% of pregnant women which were hospitalized for severe covid symptoms didn’t received a jab.

It is therefore estimated that 1 out of 10 pregnant women is currently vaccinated against Covid-19.

Now the Prime Minister and the Health Secretary are currently trying to get more people as possible to the vaccination hubs. Some Clubs, despite the initial fight, agreed on asking the vaccination certificate at their entrance. As a result, now people are rushing to get their NHS Covid pass. Boris Johnson proposed to shorter the time in-between the two jabs in order to reach the 93% of the population vaccinated. To do so, they’re also urging pregnant women to get the vaccine as they risk to full hospital places. In addition, that mothers which received the vaccine, gave birth to immunized babies.

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