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How to do pancakes

You can taste pancakes with fruit, nutella, maple syrup, bacon. Multiple are the flavors you can combine with them

How to do pancakes

Pancakes are a very famous component of the US’s breakfast. They’re greedy and tasty. Recently pancakes have made their way up to Europe, becoming very popular. People strive to make them at perfection.

What are pancakes

People fail to bind together pancakes and sweet taste.

Indeed, their taste is neutral and varies based on with what they’re matched. Usually, they go with Marple syrup, strawberry jam or honey. But this doesn’t exclude, salty breakfast fans, to have them with eggs and bacon. Just like crepes, pancakes keep a neutral taste to be a perfect to whatsoever you want to pair them with.

As all dishes and recipes, you have two options of preparation:

  1. Buy a pre-made powder and mix it with milk. But this option doesn’t please nutritionists and kitchen lovers.
  2. Make it your own quickly from home.

How to make pancakes

You’ll need approximately 200gr of flour, half tea spoon of salt, 2 eggs, a glass of milk (250ml), 2 tea spoons of baking powder, and 1 spoon of sugar.

Steps to go:

  1. Take a bowl and mix, flour, salt, baking powder and sugar – then keep them apart
  2. Take another bowl and mix only the yolk
  3. In a third bowl whip the egg’s white
  4. In the yolk’s bowl add oil and milk; then add the Bowl’s 1 ingredients so all the dry components. Lastly add the whipped whites and gently mix until smooth.
  5. Next, the cooking! Take a nonstick pan and get it hot. Once ready, lay 2 or 3 spoons of the mixture. You should obtain a pancakes of 20mm. Cook them 2 mins per side and its done!
  6. It’s time to serve! Usually they go with Marple syrup, nonetheless they can be eaten with peanut butter, fruit, nutella, bacon, butter, honey and so on.

Common errors and biases

As previously stated, avoid using pre-prepared powders. Usually they lack eggs and just contain flour and baking powder. The pity is that product’s quality are questionable and in addition, prices for these ready mix are unconceivable.

It has always been a misconception that for making pancakes for breakfast you need to wake up at dawn. This isn’t true! You can easily prepare the mixture the night before and leave it in the fridge. The morning, just give a little mix and cook!

Another error is not using a nonstick pan. In addition, you don’t need to oil it as butter is already present in the mixture. In addition, we suggest you using a big pan so that you’ll be able to cook more than one pancake at a time. On the market you can also find some pans which are already pancake shaped, and this will make life easier.

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