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Tiramisu variations: mascarpone and maraschino Italian dessert

There’s nothing like a traditional tiramisù to finish an Italian meal, but the original Italian dessert also lends itself to many variations.
Here we present you with a variation of the classic tiramisù: a mascarpone and maraschino mix.
It’s definitely a stronger flavour, and no heavier than the classic recipe, but for a final winter dessert fling before summer arrives, try this.

Ingredients are: 200 ml of cream, 50 gr of icing sugar, two tablespoons of maraschino, 300 g of mascarpone, cocoa powder and shaved chocolate.
Start with the cream, which should be very cold and tip it into a bowl.
Add the sugar and whip.

Add, drop by drop, the maraschino while still whipping.
Finally, add the mascarpone a spoonful at a time.
reducing the speed of the beaters and obtain a consistent texture.
Transfer it into a container (or large glass cup) and leave to refridgerate for about an hour.
Dust with the cocoa powder and decorate with the shaved chocolate before serving.
This is a cream dessert, so we don’t use any biscuits or cake and a nice moscato is probably the best thing to wash it down.

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