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Italian Christmas recipes: coconut tiramisu

The traditional Italian dessert of tiramisu is so simple that it’s one of those great dishes which lends itself to variation.
So today we bring you tiramisu with a twist – coconut tiramisu for an Italian Christmas recipe.
It’s also a fantastic way to use up some leftover Pandoro which, along with Panettone, is one of those things at Christmas time in Italy that people give you for the sake of giving, when you’ve already got another two in your pantry.

Ingredients for the dessert are: 450 g of Pandoro (a bit dry – best if left open for a couple of days first), 450 ml of milk, 150 g of coconut flour, 250 g of mascarpone, 250 ml of cream, four egg yolks, six tablespoons of sugar and some cocoa powder.

The tiramisu can either be prepared in one, square cake tray or you can do it in separate cups as in the picture.
Place the coconut flour in the milk for a couple of hours, then strain it and keep the milk.
Mix some cocoa with a tablespoon of sugar.

Beat three egg yolks together with three tablespoons of sugar, and add the prepared cocoa powder.
Beat the cream and mascarpone with a tablespoon of sugar, add the cocoa and then add the lot to the egg and sugar mix.
Cut the pandoro into strips (if it’s too soft, you can dry it out in the oven for a bit), dip it in the milk left over from the coconut and then make a first layer on the bottom of your cake tray.
Cover with half of the cream mix and then do another layer of pandoro cake.
Add the final cream mix on the top and dust with some coconut flour and cocoa.
Place in the fridge overnight before serving.
If you don’t want another standard tiramisu for Christmas, this makes a great alternative.

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