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Italian christmas recipes

Dessert from Sicily: homemade cannoli

18 April, 2020
This is one Italian dessert recipe which, when made at home, will certainly impress your guests, and can be considered the icing on the cake of your Italian Christmas dinner. Like any pastry, getting this part right is the trick,…

Christmas cake with nutella: Italian Christmas recipes

16 April, 2020
This Italian recipe takes a traditional Christmas cake and adds a Nutella icing for something even more gluttonous than the usual Italian Christmas food. It’s not difficult to make and you’ll certainly add a touch of hearty calories to your…

Italian Christmas recipes: homemade nutella cookies

11 April, 2020
We’ve got a wonderful Italian winter treat for you with these easy, homemade nutella cookies. With temperatures dropping, there’s nothing like a little chocolate to get you in the mood for snow and lazy Sundays by the fire. These biscuits…

Italian Christmas recipes: homemade seafood pasta

11 April, 2020
This Italian Christmas recipe is used as part of the initial Christmas toast at the beginning of the meal, and is an Italian seafood, Christmas pasta recipe.The ingredients for four people are: 400 grams of tagliatelle, 300 grams of turbot…

Italian Christmas recipes: coconut tiramisu

10 April, 2020
The traditional Italian dessert of tiramisu is so simple that it’s one of those great dishes which lends itself to variation. So today we bring you tiramisu with a twist - coconut tiramisu for an Italian Christmas recipe. It’s also…

Traditional Italian Christmas recipe from Umbria: walnut crunch

5 April, 2020
This yummy Italian Christmas recipe comes from Umbria and is a kind of walnut crunch called “le nociate”. Walnuts are frequently to be found in Italian cooking in various regions, including “nociate romane” from Rome and “copete ternane” from Terni,…

Italian pastry: nutella triangles for Christmas

26 March, 2020
With this easy Italian recipe we continue our nutella treats for the Christmas season in Italy, if you want to branch out beyond your traditional tiramisù or Italian cakes. These are nutella-filled triangle pastries and if you use ready-made puff…