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Dimples of Venus: the benefits of this characteristic

What are the dimples of Venus and why do we have them? Here all the answers

There are body parts which most of the time we do not even consider. Small characteristic that we always undervalue but which actually are beauty markers. Among these we can find some two small narrowing known as dimples of Venus.

They have always been labeled as a sensual element of the female body.

The dimples of Venus

We were saying Venus dimples. First of all, what are those? Taking the name of dimples of Venus, or in a ruder way holes of Venus, we make reference to two small hollows which we can find on the bottom part of our back, slightly above the coccyx.

This characteristic does not belong to all women but many have them. Their origin is still unknown.

Some say their manifestation belongs to your genetic heritage. On the contrary, others want to give a more scientific explanation and reason the hallows may arise as a consequence of the lacking of the underneath muscle. Nonetheless, it is a detail which arise during the very first years of life. This characteristic is totally impossible to be reproduced artificially but it we can add value to if through exercise.

Their function

Venus dimples do not only have an aesthetic function to make a body charmer. Indeed, they also have a functional side. It may seem that their presence is a sign of good blood flow. It therefore means they are indicator of health. In addition, they are also harbinger of greater sexual satisfaction. Detail something else altogether negligible. Women which are Motherly Naturally provided with the dimples of Venus, are better able to feel sexual pleasure and reach the orgasm quicker compared to who don’t have them. So, our body speaks for itself, not only if gives us the key of lecture to increases our knowledge about it but it also foster our self-awareness. The dimples of Venus are a marker of good health.

How to give value to them

As we were saying, exercising can be a good way to add value to the dimples of Venus. First of all it is necessary to follow a balanced diet. This will help you in keeping weight under control and to get rid of the extra kilos. Indeed, those which crowd around the posterior part of our back can mask the dimples. Exercise twice or thrice a week with aerobic training. In addition, to strengthen the backs’ muscles workout on gluteus and dorsal. Despite, not all women will be able to rise the so loved hallows, you’ll anyway find yourself in good shape. Therefore, the dimples of Venus make your body prettier, blood flows better and strengthen the senses pleasures.

The very last curiosity, also men can have them. Obviously they are named differently. Rather than being the dimples of Venus, they are the dimples of Apollo. To each gender, its god.

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Janes Campbell
20 July, 2023 12:39 am

sucks butt asshole

16 April, 2024 4:54 pm

i know where you live 😉


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