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Eye tremble? Causes and remedies

Do you sometimes suffer from eye tremble and you do not know what the cause is and how to get rid of it? Here some suggestions on how to solve your problem.

It surely happened to you once to feel your eye or both trembling. This little tremble usually concerns the lower eyelid and it has no causes. Indeed, it’s sudden unjustified onset may have cause you worries.

Let’s unveil what is this tremor and what are the possible causes of it.

The aim is to cool down those which were already interpreting it as a first symptom of a serious disease. Then finally we will discuss some home-made medication or easy buyable on internet remedy.

What is eye tremble

It is an involuntary contraction of the orbicular muscle, which takes the name of blepharospasm.

Some confuse it with a blinking but indeed it is an actual tremble.

This phenomenon is more frequent in males, but is nothing serious to be worried of. The majority if not all of the eye trembles are of benign type, therefore they should not be associated with a medical issue.

Possible causes of eye tremor

Myokymia refers to the eye muscle contraction and it can be causes by many different factors. The major one is stress. Nonetheless, other possible causes are:

  • Tiredness
  • Sleepy eyes
  • Caffeine abuse
  • Alcohol
  • Eye dryness
  • Unbalanced nutrition
  • Allergies

Although as previously said, this tremor is not an at risk situation; sometimes it can be so annoying and last more than expected that we decide to call the neurologist.

Indeed, the most sever forms of eye tremblings are caused by neurological issues like hemifacial spasms. These type of pathologies are not that common and can be diagnosed during an ophthalmic visit and be treaded in a specific way.


How to alleviate this annoying eye tremble

  • Self-act small eye massages creating small circular movements using you finger tips.
  • Simply wash your face with fresh water and do not dry it after.
  • Sit with your back strait for approximately 2 minutes in a quiet environment.
  • Deeply breath with your nose and exhale with your mouth. This method is in general a good solution for relating your nerves tension whenever you need it.

Online, buyable remedies

On Amazon you can easily find tones of products which can be soon delivered home. Against eye tremor we can find eye drops and other products. After conducting and in-depth research we below signal you the two best products we’ve found.

  1. The best eye drops are those by Thea Thealoz, which you can find in a 10ml format. It has no preservatives in it and relies on two main ingredients which are the hyaluronic acid and the Thealose. It usually be find at the price of £18,40
  2. Our second suggestion are the Oté Natural eye drops, still in a 10ml package. Specifically designed for also those who wear contact lenses. Ingredients are 100% natural without preservatives.
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