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The importance of nurturing positive values

Set good examples – Be a role model

Children of this age group are always learning by example. Therefore, if you want your children to be courteous, you should be courteous and set a good example for them to follow. For example, just because you’re in a hurry, don’t let your child see you jump in the grocery store line in front of someone.

It’s impolite to do so, and if your child thinks you believe it is OK, they will use that information the next time they see a reason to be impolite that they feel will help them in some way. Teaching values to children is a continual process.

1. Don’t give your child the mistaken idea that money is the most important thing in life. Rather teach the value of consideration, honor and being trustworthy. In order to encourage these values, parents need to provide loving, kind, gentle support to their children. The importance of money management, however, should be taught in increments daily.

2. Today’s parents are becoming more aware of the importance of understanding a child’s emotional needs. Spending more quality time with your children and being more involved in their activities is paramount.

3. Learn to show proper self-discipline. If you display courage when disappointments occur, and show that you won’t be dragged down, but will work harder at succeeding next time, your child learns to forgive himself when he has a disappointment and move forward.

4. By the same token when things are going great, be happy and show it, but then move ahead to what’s next so as not to leave the assumption that one can go on by celebrating past performances without creating new ones.

Nurturing Positive Values in your 10-14 year old

As your children approach their teenage years, there is an automatic desire to become more independent than is appropriate. Once again, if your child has received the proper training and nurturing of positive values, the road ahead will be a lot easier as a parent. Many inappropriate things are tugging for their attention.

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