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Tips to Make Your Beauty Routine More Eco-Friendly

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This year has been filled with talks about climate change, pollution and discussions on how to lead a more sustainable life. Considering how pressing these issues are, more and more people are willing to change their habits to contribute to making our planet cleaner, less polluted and safer for plants and animals.

This also applies to beauty routine.

Changing our habits may seem a hard task. However, once you begin doing that, not only does it make you feel better about yourself, it also becomes, in its turn, a new habit. Moreover, going eco-friendly very often is advantageous from an economic point of view as well.

Here are some tips on how to live a more sustainable life by changing your beauty routine.

Morning Beauty Routine

Start your day with a natural shower: moisten the skin and massage it with an apricot kernel or cane sugar scrub. Remember that you should choose products that contain natural foaming agents derived from sugar and coconut. Use natural sponges, such as those made from vegetable fibre, which can also be made at home with a dried pumpkin. Drying is also very important: wrap yourself in an organic cotton bathrobe, a special fibre grown without chemical treatments and unbleached.

The natural detergent par excellence is the Marseille soap, able to remove impurities without altering the natural pH in any way. If you prefer to try your hand at DIY, you can create a natural soap with oil, caustic soda and water. These ingredients allow you to use a cold procedure, which allows you to obtain the soap quickly, without too many steps.

After-work Routine

After a tiring day at your desk, a little healthy exercise is just what you need. If you’re looking for an activity that can bring you into contact with nature and the surrounding environment, choose yoga flex or power stretching, specialties with which to encourage aerobic movement. The sportswear adopted has its weight: choose soft and comfortable fabrics, but above all, completely natural. Yes to hemp and bamboo jersey. All the most famous brands are now adapting to the fabric revolution by offering garments in ecological cotton.

Leather and body need special attention because they tend to absorb the smog of the city in very large quantities. Spray the face and neck with moisturizing thermal water, which you can find in pharmacies. After washing your hands, massage with a very rich cream based on olive oil or shea butter. The cream has the miraculous property of nourishing the skin and, at the same time, defend from the sun, wind and pollutants.

Evening Beauty Routine

In the evening, after an intense day, learn to treat yourself to some natural treatments. Apply a honey mask to your face, perfect for revitalising your tissues. The shower, in addition to saving water, is able to give the same relaxing effect of a good bath. Choose a water jet that is not too strong and place a shaped wooden platform on the shower tray, so that it can gently massage the soles of the feet. Start with a cooler jet and rinse with a warm jet.

Sleep alone is an excellent natural beauty cure. To help it spread on your face, before bedtime, a cream with avocado extracts and spray a few drops of lavender essence in the room, with relaxing properties. Choose to sleep on an ecological mattress made of straw, coconut or rubber. These materials, combined with latex, protect against magnetic radiation in the room. If you can’t give up an enveloping and intoxicating aroma, on the market you will find pillows filled with flowers and aromatic leaves. For a guaranteed anti-stress effect.

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