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Water Saving Tips When Taking Care of Your Terrace

Water Saving

With all the water covering our planet, only 0.5% of it is drinkable. Delivering water to our homes requires a great amount of energy since it is employed to distribute, pump and purify water. Besides, we should take into account that the world population is growing and, as a consequence, water demand.

Since water is a limited and not renewable resource, it should be our objective to do everything we can to save water. Here are some water saving tips when taking care of your terrace.

Saving water when taking care of your terrace is closely related to the care you give to your plants.

It is enough to change some habits to save water.

Good for Your Plants, Good for Our Planet

Taking care of the soil of the plants on your terrace can contribute to reducing water waste. Adding organic matter to the soil improves its capacity of retaining moisture. Therefore, fertilizing the soil is good for both your plants and for saving water.

Do not underestimate the importance of watering your plants at the right time of the day and with the right frequency. It is preferable to water your plants when the temperature is cooler since it reduces evaporation and, consequently, water waste. The best moments of the day to water your plants are early in the morning or late in the evening. To decide how often your plants need water, make a quick search on the internet or ask a florist. Usually, the frequency depends on the type of plant you are dealing with.

Do Not Waste Water

It is also important to employ the right amount of water while watering the plants on your terrace. Using too much water is not only a waste, but it also could harm your plants.

A good way of saving water and making the best use possible of it is to collect rainwater or reuse old water. For example, reusing water from our baths is a perfect way of avoiding wasting water. And, in case you are wondering whether the bathing products contained in the already-used water may harm your plants, do not worry – they are harmless.

Choosing plants that do not need much water for their survival is also a good way of saving water in your terrace. Opting for Succulents, Palms – such as Ponytail and Sago Palm – or other low-water plants such as Snake Plant, Begonias, etc will help you avoid wasting water and, at the same time, save some of your time.

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