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Baobabs Are Dying – But We Still Do Not Know Why

24 February, 2020
Another one of Africa’s many mysteries. For about ten years now, some of the biggest and oldest trees on the continent, the baobabs, have been dying. Plants between 1,100 and 2,500 years old are disappearing. In particular, nine of the…

Even Plants Have a Nervous System To Communicate Stress

23 February, 2020
A minor cabbage larva bites and swallows a piece of leaf. Immediately afterwards, a wave of light propagates in what remains of the plant, as if to signal the attack in progress. This is the alarm system that plants use…

Best Household Plants to Grow to Purify the Air at Home

15 February, 2020
Most people would never say that, yet the substances most dangerous to health are inside our homes. How can we avoid contact with indoor sources of pollution? As well as being careful when buying furniture, preferring eco-friendly detergents and natural…

Water Saving Tips When Taking Care of Your Terrace

3 October, 2019
With all the water covering our planet, only 0.5% of it is drinkable. Delivering water to our homes requires a great amount of energy since it is employed to distribute, pump and purify water. Besides, we should take into account…