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Recipes with puff pastry: here some quick and easy desserts

Creativity spoils when using this base. Recipes with puff pastry are the jolly of many of our dishes, both sweet and salty ones.

Puff pastry has always been considered a jolly. Ideal for both sweet and salty cakes. Rapid and easy to use makes you do a good performance in just few steps.

Creativity spoils when using this base. Recipes with puff pastry are the jolly of many of our dishes, both sweet and salty ones.

Despite you’re searching something to serve for dinner or as an aperitif, puff pastry will always fit your request. Delicious, soft but crunchy at the same time this it the taste of the puff pastry which save us when we don’t have time. Thanks to it you’ll manage to create greedy plates which will satisfy all of your guests. Obviously we’re speaking of the ready available one at the supermarket, trying making puff pastry at home is the opposite of quick. The magnitude of recopies you can create are infinite.

Apple pie recipe with puff pastry

An example is the typical English apple pie, super British, super caloric but super satisfying. This recipe doesn’t look like the apple pie but it resembles it in taste. Take 2 apples and flutter them in a mixer. Once you’ll have a smooth and homogeneous component, lay it above the puff pastry with the help of a brush. Then on top add another layer of puff pastry and cut stripes of 2cm wedge and 10 long. Move them to a baking tray and paint with eggs mixed with a little bit of milk and salt. In a separate field mix a cup of sugar with spoon of cinnamon and few nutmeg. Scatter the powders all above the dessert and then oven for 15-20 minutes at previously heated 180°.


Rather than using apple you can choose also other fillings. Chocolate creams, jam, or dried fruits creams. You can also change the shape and do why not squares or triangles. Each shape could resemble a different flavor! Recipes with puff pastry are multiple and can also be invented by you!

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