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Eurochocolate 2009: Europe's biggest chocolate festival in Perugia

The Italian food festival you’ve all been waiting is nearly here, with Eurochocolate starting on October 16 in the home town of Baci Perugina.
Every year, Perugia in Umbria hosts the chocolate festival, and this year opening the festival are food artists Matteo Ragni and Paolo Ulian.

The event lasts until October 25th and will include the usual tastings, events, exhibitions and general indulgence.

This is one where the chocoholics will have to detox afterwards.
October 12th is Chocoday and functions as the chocolate industry trade fair.

Producers, traders, patisseries, chocolatiers and chocolate lovers will be able to meet and share their cocoa secrets, and the public also gets the chance to visit the workshops and laboratories of chocolate makers during the first edition of the Cioccolaterie Aperte event.
For details of Eurochocolate, where to stay, and what’s on in Europe’s most famous chocolate festival, see the Eurochocolate site.

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