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Eurochocolate 2008: Ceramica & Cioccolato at Deruta, Umbria

20 April, 2020
While the Eurochocolate festival has commenced, with Perugia as the protagonist of the chocolate festival, other towns in Umbria are celebrating the event with their own programs. Umbria is famous for its ceramics, and at Deruta you will find the…

Italian hot chocolate: homemade recipe

17 April, 2020
Here’s a recipe for homemade Italian hot chocolate, so you can enjoy traditional Italian-style “cioccolata” at home. Contrary to Neenah’s comment on our first post about Italian hot chocolate, one made at a bar is always made with milk and…

Rizzati brothers: chocolate and beer in Ferrara

16 April, 2020
It appears that Italy could become a real beer drinking nation after our pieces on Amiata Beer and Turin’s brewery. And now we’ve just discovered that the Rizzati brothers are experimenting in a beer/chocolate combination.Since 1997 the brothers have had…

Caffe al bacio: coffee with a chocolate kiss in Naples

31 March, 2020
A bar in Naples is serving up a new take on Italian coffee, called the “caffé al bacio”. “Bacio” means ‘kiss’ in Italian, and much like the bacio gelato flavour, this involves using Italy’s premier hazelnut spread, Nutella.The caffé al…

Olive oil Easter egg from Italy

24 March, 2020
While an olive oil Easter egg might not have much effect on Italian children who prefer Kinder Surprise Easter eggs, it could be an interesting match for olive oil buffs who also like chocolate.The unusual oil and chocolate match was…