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How to make real hot chocolate: Italy's chocolate winter drink

As winter is coming on fast here in Italy, and we’ve nearly exhausted the Italian coffee topic (although we could discuss this for ages – not only drinking coffee but talking about it, is a national passtime in Italy), I thought we’d take a quick look at hot chocolate.

I will admit that when it comes to hot chocolate in Italy, I’ll have it anytime, anywhere and with anything.
The Italians know how to make rich, thick and creamy hot chocolate.
A watered-down English version just doesn’t come close.

Hot chocolate in Italy involves milk and sachets of chocolate powder – a barista will generally use a whole packet and won’t limit himself to just a sprinkle.
It often helps to stir in the powder first.
Note that heating the milk comes after the powder is added – Italian hot chocolate doesn’t dissolve the powder in already hot milk.

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