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Stella McCartney, Britain’s leader in eco-fashion, celebrates 20 years

A flashmob to present the new autumn collection 2021. Models wearing animal's heads to sensitize the cruelty-free movement.

Stella McCartney is an unstoppable force for good in the eco-fashion. This week she remarked that fashion can be eco friendly. At first she visited the G7 Summit in Cornwall together with other 10 fashion CEOs. She decided to end the week with a guerrilla marketing for her 20 years of business.

To celebrate a flashmob activation was carried out in Piccadilly Circus.

Stella meeting the G7 for posing eco-fashion policies

During the meeting with the G7, Stella, rub shoulders with Joe Biden, Justin Trudeau and the Prince of Wales. Her aim is to take a harder legal stance on unethical and planet-damaging practices in the fashion industry.

This is so because the fashion industry is not policed at all. With no laws and legislations, companies are not incetivised to work in a better and more sustainable way. Below her words reporting and example of her’s:

I’m not incentivised at all, In fact I can be hit by up to a 30 per cent tax if I export a non-leather good into the United States of America and I have to put that in my margins and that doesn’t help me as a business and I’m penalised for doing good if you like. If I put a slither of pig leather onto that vegan product, my tax is exempt.

The paradox here stands that when doing good you’re taxed, and when doing harm you’re not. In order to better clarify her position she also adds:

I don’t think anyone really knows that the fashion industry is one of the most harmful industries, I don’t think they know that 150 million trees are cut down for viscose whereas I’ve managed to source a sustainable wood pulp in Sweden.

Piccadilly Circus flashmob

To stress the concept not only to country leaders but also to the general public she implemented a flashmob in Piccadilly Circus. On Wednesday in the square at lunchtime you could find real juxtapositions. Juxtaposition is a tool used in the fashion industry when creating an inconceivable fashion tale and consists of putting together objects coming from different fields. In this case Stella used humans and animals. Indeed, in Piccadilly you could find 30 people wearing an animal head while dressing Stella McCartney’s new autumn collection 2021.

stella animals scaled

The campaign is titled “Our Time has Come”. All was accompanied by a tongue in cheek documentary narrated by the comedian David Walliams which was displayed on Piccadilly’s screens. The aim was firstly of raising awareness towards McCartney’s cruelty-free movement. Secondly, to encourage people in signing the Humane Society International’s (HSI) Fur Free Britain petition to end the fur trade in the UK.

stella screen picadilly

The new autumn 21 collection

The autumn 21 collection is a colourful and uplifting explosion of easy breezy sportswear. The vegan Falabella Bag is presented in a new style and in a maxi overside edition. The Frayme has a half-moon shape with a chunky chain.

The entire Stella McCartney’s collection is with 80% of eco-friendly materials, making it the leader of sustainable fashion.

Join Stella’s loving animals army.

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