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Usain Bolt Kids-Usain Bolt and Kasi Bennett Welcome New Born Twin Sons

Birth of Twin Boys of Usain Bolt and Kasi Bennett

Usain Bolt and his partner Kasi Bennett welcome newborn twin sons. The boys are the new addition to the family. Now they are five family members with 3 Usain Bolt kids.
Usain Bolt, the 34 years Jamaican athlete and Olympic sprinter, is now the father of three.

The news got popped on Fathers` day through his social media accounts. He shared his family picture showcasing his partner, elder daughter, and newborn kids. A perfect family photo, that has become the highlight of buzz news.

Usain Bolt Kids Name

The Olympic sprinter named his newborn twins Thunder Bolt and Saint Leo Bolt. The Usain Bolt kids’ names perfectly go with the lightning theme of the family and reflect the love of their father with athletics. He runs with the speed of light, so he named his kids after lightning and bolts.
Thunder Bolt and Saint Leo Bolt are now younger brothers of the eldest child of the family, Olympia Lightning. What cool names, arent they?

Birth of Usain Bolt Kids

Usain Bolt did not officially announce the birth of his twin sons. People got to know about the new addition in the family through the viral family photograph. But there is no information on when the kids were born.

Future of Usain Bolt after Kids

Usain Bolt is a renowned Olympian and has been the world champion 11 times. But he took retirement from sports, and this time we won`t see him on tracks in Olympics. He chooses to be among the spectators this time. It will be a tough Olympic for all Bolt fans.

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