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Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds announce the birth of their first son

Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds announce the birth of their son: good news after the Prime Minister's difficult time.

Boris Johnson Carrie Symonds birth son
Boris Johnson Carrie Symonds birth son

Good news for British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his partner Carrie Symonds. This is news that he really wanted, net of the opinions that can be had on his highly criticized political decisions, since Johnson managed to defeat Coronavirus.

What exactly are we talking about? The title says it all: Johnson’s first child was born with his current partner. The news was given surprise just today, and we write “surprise” because the baby’s birth was expected in the summer, most likely in June.

He is a boy, and he is in excellent health, the premier’s spokesman said.

Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds: the birth of a son

Let us remember that the Prime Minister is coming out of a very difficult period, since he had been in intensive care after contracting Coronavirus, just as you will remember , he had minimized the risk of contagion. Her partner Carrie has also had the symptoms of Covid-19 in recent weeks and that’s why she put herself in self-isolation; For both of them it was a very delicate period that fortunately ended with a happy event.

Boris Johnson, the sixth son of the Prime Minister

Do not ask us the name of the child because it has not yet been announced to the press. Let us remember that this is the first child with Carrie but the sixth of the British Prime Minister who is already father to Lara Lettice, Theodore Apollo, Cassia Peaches, Milo Arthur and Stephanie, all had from his previous relationships. We just have to wish the couple well.

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